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Please note that our prices are subject to change.
Capacitors | Facial Ignitors

  Item#: 0000011703   Price: $42.15
Description: Ignitor 400W 220V 50/60 HZ

  Item#: 01387   Price: $28.00
Description: Facial Ignitor 400W 220-240V/HPFT

  Item#: 01457   Price: $118.95
Description: Ignitor 2000W 380V

  Item#: 01550   Price: $43.95
Description: Facial Ignitor 1000W 220-240V

  Item#: 01551   Price: $118.95
Description: Ignitor 2000W 400V

  Item#: 04484   Price: $6.25
Description: Ergoline Facial Temp Sensor 90C
Notes: Monitors Temp of Facial Cassettes
30 per unit on Open Sun
# varies depending on amount of facials


  Item#: 08652   Price: $117.00
Description: Ignitor-Facial 400W ZRM 6ES

  Item#: 1002811   Price: $125.25
Description: Facial Tanner Unit Temperture 70 CEL

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